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MKN Wealth Management is totally focused on helping individuals, families and organizations change the way they invest.

MKN Wealth Management, LLC is a boutique investment firm in Washington, DC. All portfolios are monitored and managed by the principal, Kathleen Norris, Registered  Investment Advisor Representative.

All portfolio assets are held at Charles Schwab. A dedicated and efficient team is assigned to MKN Wealth Management for administrative, operational and technical support. 

Kathleen Norris

Kathleen Norris has been investing for clients since 1986. After receiving a B.S. degree in Marketing from The Pennsylvania State University, she started her career with Merrill Lynch. When she married Jeff and three children came along, she wanted to be sure she had enough time to pay full attention to meeting her client needs. 


Kathleen created MKN Wealth Management, LLC as a boutique investment firm focusing on personal attention and monitoring for each individual client. Her strong philosophy of investing according to client objectives and risk tolerance is the foundation of her investors' portfolios.  This approach has been successful in meeting clients' investment goals and for building long term relationships with them. 



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